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10 Egyptian Papyrus Paper Blank Light color A4 papyrus size 8.5"x11" Print on Egyptian papyrus paper at home
  • 10 Egyptian Papyrus Paper Blank Light color A4 papyrus size 8.5"x11" Print on Egyptian papyrus paper at home
  • 10 Egyptian Papyrus Paper Blank Light color A4 papyrus size 8.5"x11" Print on Egyptian papyrus paper at home
  • Certificate Printed on Papyrus Paper
  • Certificate Printed on Papyrus Paper
  • Print on Papyrus Paper

10 Papyrus Paper for printing light color A4 papyrus size 8.25"x11.67" Print on Egyptian papyrus paper at home


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Print on papyrus paper


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10 Genuine handmade quality handmade papyrus sheets size A4

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Papyrus dimensions:

  • 21x30 cm
  • 8.25"x11.67" inches
  • Egyptian Blank Papyrus paper.
  • Quantity: 10 sheets.
  • Handmade Egyptian papyrus paper.
  • High quality papyrus papers.
  • Made in Egypt.
  • Ship directly from Egypt to your address.
  • Valid to use into inkjet printers.
  • This pack is cut borders for to fit in printers (printing propose)
  • Cut borders to fit in printers, you can use it to print directly at your home.

This pack is suitable for:

  • Appreciation certificates.
  • Wedding invitation.
  • History lessons.
  • Small portraits.
  • School projects.
  • History lessons.


You can apply any kind of paint on papyrus Oil paint, Gouache and Water colors.

To print on papyrus:

  • Papyrus paper is a little stiffer than regular paper and has a solid structure, which is why printing on papyrus requires some extra simple steps to print probably.
  •  Due to the stiffness of papyrus papers large bending should be avoided to prevent deformation and papyrus cracking.
  • You can use inkjet to get great result or any other liquid ink printers. Powder tuner is not valid to print on papyrus however you can use it but result will not be as expected.
  • Once you are happy with your (text/image/pdf/doc) just load papyrus into printer manually and print.
  • Consider that papyrus color is creamy and not solid when designing your file

Once you take consideration of above notes you cannot stop printing on papyrus.
Everyone wants it unique and perfect, imagine you are sending wedding invitations printed on genuine papyrus paper, it will complete your wedding fun.
Papyrus paper have unique texture and look, it will give magic ancient touch for drawings and paintings.

The list never ends with what you can do with papyrus just your imagination can determine.

With this unique genuine papyrus which was the first papers in the world ever you can do as much as you can imagine with papyrus. For example you can create wonderful certificate with papyrus that time resistance, or you can put more glamor to your wedding by printing invitation on papyrus. Papyrus is very impressive material and extremely interesting when you drawing or painting.

Papyrus is handmade so each paper has its unique texture and feeling.

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Height: 2" 5cm
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(A4) 21x29.7cm - 8.27 x 11.69 inches
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