ELBARDY is committed to enhancing member service through the use of many forms of e-commerce activities.
Electronic commerce activities include ELBARDY's web site, email, telephone access system. They also include business-to-business transactions where interaction is conducted electronically between ELBARDY and its business partners using the Internet as the communications network.
It is the practice of ELBARDY to safeguard member data at all times, including the processing of e-commerce transactions. Information must be protected at both the sending and receiving ends of each connection. To accomplish this, there are several levels of protection applied to e-commerce activities.


Encrypting connection provides security by ensuring that no portion of a data is readable except by the parties at each end of the transmission. This ensures that data can be transmitted securely without concern that another party could intercept all or part of the transaction. Encryption also makes certain that the transaction is not tampered with as it routes from point to point and data is received exactly as it was sent. ELBARDY
uses a minimum of 128b encryption. This also applies to customers that saves their data.


After a secure connection is established, the initiating party must prove his/her identity prior to conducting the transaction. This is typically handled with user IDs or email address, along with password. Additionally, encryption certificates are also employed to validate the authenticity of both servers and users. System administrators control system access by assigning users different levels of access for applications and data.

Secure payment

Our secure payment

Your payment is 100% secured with SSL using 2checkout and PayPal gateway, this offers various online payment methods using Visa, MasterCard and of course PayPal.