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Genuine Unique Handmade Painted Papyrus Paper

If you have visited Egypt or plan to visit this amazing country of treasured antiques, our website ELBARDY is offering chance to have authentic genuine handmade blank papyrus paper or hand painted papyrus paper. Although the paintings depict many ancient Queens and Pharaohs, daily life and the varied storied culture of the earliest Egyptian times, it is also being used now in stationeries and other fields like wedding invitations. Painted with images of scenes from history and legend these original reproductions are signed by our artists to verify the authenticity of our real work. Egyptian papyrus paper painting from the ancient Egyptian age is very unique in that it initially seemed to lack perspective and the artists themselves to some extent appeared to lack the requisite skill level of their global neighbors of the time. This was not the case. Egyptian artists were from the best elite of society and their artistic abilities had everything to do with replacing the reality they were painting the reflection of the realism they were living. They painted for infinity and not for their present cultural era. The entire world enjoys the history of Egypt and the antiquities and statues this society has preserved for us through the past millennia.

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Why Pharaohs invented Papyrus paper?

Papyrus paper is the oldest writing paper in history, and dates back more than two thousand years.

Ancient Egyptians knew that it was necessary to find a way to communicate with other civilizations, and transfer their cultural and social heritage to the next generations, hence the writing that started on the walls of the caves, whether by carving them with drawings and signs, or by painting them with materials that will not disappear with time.

Then enormous development occurred in ancient Egypt on scientific levels required urgent need for a media that can be written on and transferred from place to another, so they turned to benefit from plants that spread in Egypt at that time. They have chosen cyperus papyrus plant to make their own paper. The ancient Egyptians learned to manufacture papyrus from cyperus papyrus plant that spread in northern Egypt by collecting the reed of the papyrus, and peeling the outer green cortex to be used in making ropes, boats and sails, and collecting the white pulp inside, cutting the soft pulp to soft strips that were compacting forming two layer, and pressed until it is dried of water.

How Ancient Egyptian used Papyrus paper

Pharaoh used papyrus papers on medical and sciences.

Papyrus papers discovered by archaeologists during the last two centuries revealed to us that ancient Egyptian used papyrus in many fields, at the moment there are so many papyrus papers in Egyptian and international museums around the world that shows non-traditional topics written by the ancient Egyptian, and among them were writings to motivate the Egyptian people to join the army to defend his country in wartime, Written texts were discovered on some papyrus papers of commercial relating deals, terms of agreement between the contracting persons, and other topics related to social life, including marriage and marriage, inheritance and method of its distribution after death. Medicine and Papyrus.

Much information about medicine in ancient Egypt was recognized in the Pharaonic ages through the 15 medical papyri found during the past two centuries, in addition to the inscriptions of temples and tombs. The medical papyri showed many medical topics including building the human body, describing clinical diseases, medical drugs, and methods of treating fractures and bruises.

Most important papyri that have been discovered

There are many papyri in museums some of them exceeding 45 meters in length.

Talking about issues related to death and other life, reward and punishment, medical papyri containing diagnoses and medicines for them, literary papyri containing stories, legends, poems, and other papyri talking about administration, the judiciary, architecture, news of wars, borders of regions and cities, and Gods worshiped there, and papyri in science, astronomy, arithmetic, engineering and medicine. One of the famous papyri is the Papyrus of Turin from the Ramesside period, which is found in. Berlin Museum in Germany, written in the hieratic script. It is an important papyrus, where names of ancient Egyptian kings and periods of their rule are recorded in years, months and days, and therefore it is an important source of ancient Egyptian history. Medical (Ypres) papyrus is one of the important references for knowledge of internal diseases and treatment from the reign of King Amenhotep the First, as it is a collection of literature and research on various medical topics of internal diseases, eye diseases, skin diseases and their treatment, heart and arterial diseases and their treatment and how to treat abscesses surgically or with drugs. Kahun papyri in gynecology, obstetrics and veterinary medicine The Berlin Medical papyri Edwin Smith's papyri in gynecology and its treatment chester beatty papyri.

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Papyrus is Green !

Papyrus paper is totally green product as it is made of Cyperus papyrus plants, which is a fast growing swamp plants. Cyperus papyrus plant can grow to 5 meters or 16.4 ft in few months. So there is always massive suplly of regenerated materials to make more papyrus. Unlike traditional paper making no need to cut trees or use chemicals and complex processing. Papyrus papers only uses papyrus and water with little pressing we get papyrus paper that can live for centuries! Get papyrus paper now
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    Papyrus wedding invitations

    Everyone wants it unique and perfect, imagine you are sending wedding invitations printed on genuine papyrus paper, it will complete your wedding fun!

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    Learning Activity

    If you are a teacher and want to make your students learn history and have fun same time Egyptian papyrus paper is great for such activity.

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    Decorative and Art

    Papyrus paper have unique texture and look, it will give magic ancient touch for drawings and paintings.

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