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65x95cm Papyrus paper 26x36"


** 10 papyrus sheets

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$8.00 per 1 papyrus

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10 Genuine high quality handmade papyrus sheets.

Papyrus details


  • 26" x 36"
  • 65x95 cm

Other details:

  • Egyptian Blank Papyrus paper.
  • Quantity: Lot of 10 sheets.
  • Handmade Egyptian papyrus paper.
  • High quality papyrus papers.
  • Made in Egypt.
  • Ship directly from Egypt to your address.
  • Valid to use Oil paint, Gouache and Water colors.
  • This pack is natural non cut borders  (drawing propose)

This pack is suitable for:

  •     History lessons.
  •     Art , sketching
  •     Wall hangings
  •     A1 portraits.
  •     School projects.
  •     History lessons.
  •     The list never ends with what you can do with papyrus just your imagination can determine.

Papyrus papers is the first papers in the world ever. Ancient Egyptians invented this paper out of the cyprus papyrus plant which was growing on shores of the Nile, it was a holy plant used in many ways such as making boats, houses, ropes and even food!

Papyrus is very impressive material and extremely interesting when you drawing or painting. You can use any kind of ink on this wonderful material


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65x95cm Papyrus paper 26x36"

65x95cm Papyrus paper 26x36"

** 10 papyrus sheets

  Best Seller  

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