How to make papyrus at home
  • How to make papyrus at home
  • How to make papyrus at home
  • 15cm papyrus stripes
  • 20cm papyrus stripes

Wholesale Real papyrus strips to papyrus make at home (A5)


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Wholesale Papyrus Strips to make 100 papyrus size A5



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Real papyrus kit to make papyrus at home size A5

Approximate size:

  • 15 x 20cm approximately
  • 6 x 8 inches approximately

This size is suitable for:

  • School activities.
  • Children creative gift.
  • History lessons.
  • Creative ideas.

If you are a teacher you can give your students a wonderful unique experience. Students will learn new information when they do new activities and learn many of new skills. They will feel happy and thrill when they manufacture papyrus in the same way like great pharaohs used in manufacturing papyrus.

What we offer is a unique experience where the student will learn what papyrus is in a quite different way from the traditional explanation, which pushes student's curiosity to learn more about the history of papyrus and history in general.

In this package you will get 2 packs to make 100 sheets A5 size ( 15x20cm or 6x8 inch)

  1. 15cm strips
  2. 20cm strips

how to make papyrus at home?

You need the following:

  • 2 clean pieces of cotton fabric
  • 4 pieces of cardboard 20x25cm
  • Dish and heavy weight
  • Glue and some water

1- add some glue into water in a deep dish and soak strips in it about 10 minuets to make it wet and absorb glue, you will find strips turned to soft form.

2- place first piece of cotton fabric on table and put horizontal layer of short stripes side by side.

3-Then another vertical layer of long strips on top of short strips. Take care of gaps between strips you need to attach strips well otherwise you get separated strips.

4- cover papyrus with the second fabric of cotton. don't remove fabric until it totally dry.

5- After that you need to compress the strips with heavy weight to get rid of water and stick strips together. 

6- put it between 2 pieces of dry cardboard and compress it heavy and leave it one day under pressure "don't remove fabric" do last step again with new cardboard til the papyrus dry inside the fabric and you are done.

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